December 23rd, 2012 – Paci Beanie Baby Tutorial



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Getting a newborn to retain a pacifier in their mouth is not always an easy task. Many of us hold our hands lightly over the mouth of the baby with the pacifier while they fall back asleep. We get cramps in our arms and could fall asleep with our hand in their face. How are we supposed to keep the peace when a newborn naps? How are we supposed to keep that pacifier in their mouth so they stay asleep? Not all babies require a pacifier to sleep. Some babies will wake up the moment if flops out of their mouth. A few companies have come up with a way to combat this and have probably made a heck of a profit off it. A friend of mine decided that she was too poor to buy one and set out to make her own. Her original design is for the hospital type soothie pacifier. She sewed one directly on to the mouth of a beanie baby. She posted it and somehow she felt ashamed that she made her own instead of buying one! She even thought we would make fun of her. What did we do? We all copied that shit faster than a fat kid eats cake! Since I don’t use the soothie type I had to do mine a little different. Here is what I came up with for a simple little tutorial to make your own paci plushie or wubanub knockoff!

First dig out a beanie baby from the back of your closet. I know you have one, we all do. Grab a small hair tie or whatever works best, and a needle and thread. I used the thicker weight quilting thread to make it super strong. I wanted to use matching pink thread, but oh well. Enjoy my lovely desk that is full of scratches since I’m too cheap to care enough to replace it.


Next, and here is the tricky part, sew the hair tie on to the mouth of your trust beanie baby. Okay, so that isn’t actually hard, but I was trying to make what I did seem more amazing somehow. Here is the finished product with ugly black thread.

wub2Now what do you do? Oh wait, you’re done already? Yup, that is it. Now insert your button style pacifier in the elastic as shown in this fantastic photo.

wub1Now, this pacifier isn’t not in this thing super tight. You can easily pull it out. But it doesn’t fall out unless you take it out. Get what I’m saying? It won’t fall out, but it doesn’t take much force to get it out. Pretty much what I’m saying is that if your newborn hit it just right it will probably knock out of their mouth. So, short of using duct tape, it may still fall away from them. Now the next step is to put it to the test. Does it work? Let me tell you, I was tossing up a high five to my husband at the simple genius of this creation. Unfortunately for his health and well being he responded with, “Wish you thought of this 3 years ago.” ((SMACK)) Anyhow, I made this with crap I had instead of spending like $30 getting one mailed to me. Here is the finished product after initial testing.

wub4Not only did it stay in her mouth, but she cuddled it! This is my adorable little 2 month old baby girl Alaina, and she is a pacifier baby at night. My first daughter Nora liked to sleep with one too so I know that it isn’t a big deal to me. If it helps you sleep, I’m all for it. This was super simple to make and the best part is that it was free! I’m sure you will be thinking the same thing I was when you finish reading this tutorial… Why the heck didn’t I think of that? Enjoy!!

Disclaimer: Obviously make sure your baby can breathe… I can not be held responsible for your own stupidity.

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