About Us

We’ve all been there…You love it, you want to make it, do it, bake it, believe it.

You want to drink that smoothie, eat that cookie, do that workout, buy that product.

You pin it. Now what? Aside from becoming a workout obsessed super crafter who makes a 9 course homemade meal 7 days a week, what is a supermom to do? How do you know if all the effort is worth it? Enter your very own As-Seen-On-TV-Martha-Jillian-Wonder Woman wanna bes who have BEEN there, PINNED that, and Hey-Mamma-How’d-You-Like-A-Review-To-Go-With-Those-Flourless-Chocolate-Cookies (delicious, by the way).

Meet us.

The Mama Mafia.

We are here to make your Pinteresting life a little more so, and to save you some time on the crafts that aren’t so…Pinteresting.

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