June 13th – End of year teacher gifts


Today is a great day. It marks my last day at work – until my babies are grown.  I quit my job and my kids quit theirs, and our respective ‘last day’ is today.  I gave notice a month ago, and have been thinking pretty often since then, that I should do something for the end of the year/last day for my kids teachers.  I’d search pinterest for a few minutes, then get distracted with something I found on there and then I’d forget about it. I did this on the regular. Until yesterday. Around noon. I had an oh shit moment when I realized that I had put it off too long. WAYYYY too long. So I began to scour the internet for something simple – because of course I didnt forget about this on a night that was completely free. We had Itty Bitty Baseball, which means I couldnt even run to the store until 730p.

 Anyhow, I found a cute pin for a polish gift, and since Phil’s teachers (he’s an infant in daycare) are all young college aged women, I figured it would be a good fit. So after baseball, the whole family went to the store to grab supplies.  Isabel is five, and had some strong opinions about what she wanted for her teachers, so she picked her gifts, then we went to find polish. And RIGHT NEXT to the polish were some reallycute files.  We grabbed 5 of each.  We also grabbed a packet of buttons, and a box of paperclips.

When we got home, I put the littles (and the husband) to bed to craft in peace, for some alone time, and got started.

Supplies: *Nail Polish

                     *Nail File


                     *Paper Clips

                     *Glue gun

                     *Paper to print tags on

                     *Sheet of construction paper

                     *Ribbon to tie all together

First things first, I opened the buttons and paperclips and heated up my glue gun.  These four shown are clips I kept, but the ones that are part of the gift are sewn on as well as glued on, to keep them a bit sturdier.


The next thing I did was make a tag – I wanted these tags to say ‘Phil filed you under “A” for being awesome!’   I printed them, cut them out, and cut out a slightly larger shape from blue construction paper.  I affixed the tag to the blank blue tag with one of the decorative paper clips I had just made.



I had this really pretty gauzy type of fabric left over from another project so I cut strips of that to tie the polish to the file.  Because I’m me, I picked colors that complemented the polish colors.  Also because I’m me, I tossed these all in a bag to bring to daycare today and had to put them all back together when we arrived, so it ended up be haphazardly mixed, despite my efforts to keep it coordinating :).  Once I tied the polish to the file, I slid the tag in between the polish and the file.






These were actually a lot of fun to see evolve from a pile of cute things to the finished product.  I was thoroughly pleased with the finished products, and when I left my 6 month old with his ladies this morning to hand off the gifts, they were cooing away, telling him how pretty they were.  I think this was a success – simple, fast, and very cute. Enjoy!

~Pinner Danielle


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February 7, 2014 – Infant Popsicles

I have an exclusively breast fed 5 month old little boy that is now very interested in holding things and putting them straight into his mouth.  As we all sit at the dinner table nightly we have noticed he is very interested in the food we eat but I am a believer in no food except breast milk for the first 6 months so I knew I needed to come up with something that would entertain him while we ate dinner. I should also mention I am a very lucky human milk truck that has the ability to make A LOT of extra milk. Enter the infant Popsicle


It is a way for him to start learning different textures while still be EBF.  It seemed easy enough so I went for it.

Things you need:

Breast milk (I do not know how formula works but if it can be frozen I guess you can use it)

A pacifier or something to use to freeze in it for the baby to hold it

Ice tray or other container to freeze just enough in that baby can put in mouth.

IMG_2843 IMG_2844

Easy steps

1. Pour the milk into the container

2. Put the pacifier into the milk


3. Put into freezer

4. Freeze


5. Hold under hot water until milk separates from container

6. Give to baby and watch them enjoy it

My son enjoyed it so much, he made such a mess but he had two while we ate dinner.

Remember to use a bib because it does get very very messy!!

IMG_2841 IMG_2842